How Much Protein Your Body Needs In A Day | As per Your Age Requirement | 2020

Most Frequently Asked How Much Protein Your Body Needs Daily 

How Much Protein Your Body Needs Daily
Natural Protein
Protein is the most important macro-nutrient and that is essential for building muscle mass. The major source of protein in natural way are animal product, nuts and legumes and though is also present in other sources. There are three important macro-nutrition required to human body: carbohydrate, fats and protein for having proper growth and well functioning of our body.

let's get started with protein requirements by age

1.5 g/kg/day for newborn children

1.1 g/kg/day for 1-3 years

0.95 g/kg/day for 4-13 years

0.85 g/kg/day for 14-18 years

0.8 g/kg/day for grown-ups

1.1 g/kg/day for pregnant and lactating ladies

For instance, on the off chance that you are a 150 lb grown-up, here's the means by which you'd compute your protein needs:

150 lb/2.2 kg/lb = 68.2 kg x 0.85 g/kg = ~58 g of protein/day

The Best Protein

Know the best protein, the key is truly expanding the power that protein brings to the table. Select top notch proteins—those that contain the fundamental amino acids your body can't produce (those essential amino acids) those protein food that is low in your undesirable fats and contain high amount of protein and they are Beef, Chicken and fish. 

Nourishment Packed With Protein

At the point when you consider protein-stuffed nourishment's, meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy likely ring a bell, yet there are considerably more food sources that contain a lot of protein for each serving.

Canned fish like fish, sardines, or anchovies: 21-24 g/3 oz serving

Lentils, cooked: 18 g/8 oz serving

Naval force beans: 20 g/8 oz serving

Green Peas: 7 g/8 oz serving

Quinoa, cooked: 8 g/8 oz serving

Tofu: 12 g/5 oz serving

Soy Milk: 7 g/8 oz serving

Soy Beans: 8 g/4 oz serving

Tempeh: 31 g/8 oz serving

Seitan: 21 g/3 oz serving

Greek yogurt: 14-18 g/6 oz serving

Curds: 13 g/4 oz serving

Nuts and Nut Butters: 6-8 g/1 oz serving

Soba Noodles: 12 g/3 oz serving

Stir up the protein sources in your eating routine to keep things intriguing and take advantage of what you devour!