Olive Oil | Health Benefits - Olive Oil For Hair - 2020

All You Need To Know About Health Advantages of Olive Oil

Olive Oil | Health Benefits - Olive Oil For Hair
Advantages Of Olive Oil

Cooking oil plays  a very significant role when it’s come to be healthy and choosing the right types of oil is very important in our daily baking , cooking, drizzle and that’s add the extra delicious texture to our   foods.
Some of the healthiest cooking oil,  we are very familiar with like coconut oil, alive oil and avocado oil and these oil has exceptional health advantages  like high in monounsaturated fats, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ect.
So the question arise that which type of oil is right of healthy cooking? That totally depends on what type of food habits you have and the type of cooking you do on regular bases. The most important thing we must consider while doing cooking is that at which stage or point the oil start burning and smoking. At the point of burning generally oil nutrition availability get decrease and through some it’s releases unhealthy component (radicals) which is very bad for once health.
The most recognized health benefits of olive oil. Did you that in ancient world olive oil popularly called and compare as a liquid gold? In today time, more than bee just a one of the special kitchen ingredient. there are numerous health advantage of consuming olive oil like arthritis, blood pressure,blood sugar, cholesterol,weight loss and cancer.
Now, Most of you are wondering that which type of oil to be pick, to get the maximum health advantages, so in the article be have listed some of the healthiest oil with high nutritional component and that can be very beneficial for your health.  

Importance of Olive oil

If you consume olive oil on regular bases that will provide high amount of nutritional benefits like monounsaturated fats which stand for reducing the risk of breast cancer and also help in prevention of any type of heart disease, cholesterol and that’s only became possible because it’s consists high amount of monounsaturated fats with very low amount of calories. You can use olive oil in your daily cooking and olive oil is absolutely brilliant when its come to the following dishes.

Use Of Olive Oil In Some Of Delicious Dishes

  1.  Mediterranean Dish
  2.  Pastas
  3.  risottos
  4.  Pancakes
  5.  Vegetables
  6.  salads
  7.  soups
  8.  deserts
  9.  Peach Basil Mimosas with olive sprinkles.
  10.  Basil Pesto drizzle.

Nutritional availability of olive oil

Serving Size: 1 tbs 15ml(Approx.)

Calories                                    130
Sodium                                     0mg
Protein                                      0 g
Carbohydrates                          0 g
Total Fat                   14 g

Saturated Fat                                2g
Polyunsaturated Fat                    1g
Monounsaturated Fat                 10g

Consuming olive oil very day provides you numerous health benefits when it’s consume raw, (without cooked) just for drizzle to enhancing the test.

Olive oil is very rich in antioxidants, monounsaturated fats the gives the property of anti-inflammatory, which is amazing for once heart, its consists of vitamin such as E and A and is very use full of skin and for your entire body.

As olive oil consists of very low amount of calories, so its doesn’t make you fat. Other foods like white bread, process food, unrefined or refined sugar can possible make you fat. Giving extra drizzle with olive oil your breakfast, lunch and dinner healthier and delicious.

Health Benefits of Olive oil

(1)  Olive oil stimulate High blood pressure

It’s recommended by medical experts to consume olive oil for those patients have problem of high blood pressure. Olive oil can lower your blood pressure by increasing the nitric oxide in blood. Nitric oxide create stimulation in the blood vessels by increasing the availability of antioxidant property.

(2)  Manages Constipation by olive oil

Olive oil also consists of laxative property and that might be very helpful in constipation. Medical institution conducted many experiment on the benefits of olive oil and they found that olive oil can soften the stool and make it easier to pass through colon

(3)  Olive oil can Lowers the symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis problem can be stimulate by consuming raw olive oil . This is because its highly consists of  antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. olive oil also consists of oleocanthal which give the extra boost to inflammatory protein . This reduces joint pain and swelling associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

(4)  Lower the risk of diabetes

Type 2 diabetes might be also managed by olive oil with the help of anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant. olive oil provide a stimulation in lowering the blood sugar level and carbohydrate by breaking down its micro components. it's also prevent pancreatic damage and sensitivity and enhances the insulin secretion.

(5)  Olive oil for hair growth

Giving your scalp and hair with olive oil massage, significantly improve the blood flow to the follicles and stimulate the follicles to grow faster and thicker hair and increase the shine, therefor it's all mostly double the hair growth. moisturizing your hair with olive oil prevent dandruff and hair fall.

Authentic Olive oil brands

(1)  Figaro olive oil

Figaro olive oil is very rich in antioxidants and is a mild type of oil and that is perfectly suitable for all the different types of skin. figaro is also known for the multiple purpose like figaro olive oil for hair ,cooking, and skin care. Monounsaturated is very high in figaro extra virgin olive oil and that play a very helpful hand in digestion and supper hear friendly (figaro olive oil)

(1)  Pomace oil

The market is flooded with varieties of olive oil and one of them is very popular know as olive pomace oil. when the mechanized extraction down from olive fruit, near bout 8 to 10 percent of olive oil remain in the olive pulp or the pomace. the remaining oil which come from olive oil is called pomace oil and this oil is absolutely good for cooking.

(3)  Borges olive oil

In fact borges olive oil is absolutely great fro our health. other oils consist saturated fats which is very harmful for our body, borges consists of monounsaturated fats which is the healthiest fats our body required for having better digestion function and borges olive oil all the important nutrient which keep us healthy and helpful in Mediterranean diet.

(4)  Disano olive oil

Disna olive oil is extra virgin oil and that oil is very carefully extracted from olive fruit. its has diverse health advantages like reduce the heart disease possibility, high source of mufa among oil, antidants, having zero calories reduce the risk of osteoporosis and improve you Disna olive oil can help you to keep normal blood pressure and sugar level.

(5)  Bertolli olive oil

Here come the extra bland bertolli virgin olive oil, has used a unique cold process to extracted the natural flavor of olive oil with full-bodied fruity. Bertolli olive oil, it can use directly from the bottle on your favorite dishes like pasta soups and marinades and having multiple health benefits.

(6)  Jac olive oil

jac olive oil has mostly consists of ayurvedic elements and enchaining the glowing and healthy skin and smooth, thats opt fro jac olive, that's is very popular among the italian for its high texture with sandalwood aroma nourishing your skin. jac olive oil absorbed very fast by our skin  and give smooth and shine look.

(7)  Del monte olive oil

As the name suggest that del monte extra virgin olive oil, consider to be one of the highest grade olive oil with excellent flavor the brands its self claim that the extraction process of olive oil is completely down with in 24 hours and provide the purest olive oil. 

(8)  Leonardo olive oil

The company was launched in 2003 know as leonardo olive oil, and manufacturing the all three varities of olive oil such as  extra virgin, pomace and olive  oil-extra light and in very quick spend of time got 30 percent of market in olive product.

(9)  Patanjali olive oil

In the field of olive oil product, patanjali has took part and lunched the three main product of olive. Patanjali olive oil claim to be that they extract oil from olive fruit in very natural way and that’s help in prevention of any nutrition reduction.

Olive oil price in india   

After analyzing all the major brands who provides all the three product of olive oil like pomace, olive oil-extra light and extra virgin, considering individually their price strategy found that they all lies around 200 t0 500 rupees.